Franconia Ridge Trail 2017

The Franconia Ridge Trail is one my favorite hikes. The hike up to the ridge on the Falling Waters Trail passes many waterfalls. The ridge is above tree line for a almost two miles. There are rare alpine plants along the side of the ridge trail. The Greenleaf Hut was a welcomed destination for me. I arrived just in time for dinner after an eight hour hike. The next day I hiked down the Old Bridle Path. I was hiking very slowly and walked down for four hours. This was a soul journey for me, and I felt nurtured and inspired by the trails and the hills for these two days. And I am grateful that I can still do this amazing hike in my 73rd year.

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1 Response to Franconia Ridge Trail 2017

  1. Rebecca Cardile says:

    Hi Martin! It’s so nice to see a post from you again! Haven’t seen one in a long time. You are amazing… would never guess you are over 70! And to think you climbed Mt Washington with my boys just two years ago! We miss you and hope to see you soon!


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