Little River Trail

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This was a hike I did last January of 2016. I started to create this post and never saved it. I mistakenly posted it this morning, so I went ahead and finished it.

The Little River Trail is something I discovered last winter when I was walking down by Popham Beach in Phippsburg. It was an enjoyable hike in which I felt lost, and didn’t know where I would end up. It took me out of the the state park. I like being lost–for a while.

The link to the google map below shows the trail that I recorded on my iPhone using the AllTrails app. It is interesting and fun that I am able to record that track and insert it into MyMaps in Google Maps

Here is some information about the trail:

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1 Response to Little River Trail

  1. CASEY LUNA says:

    Dear Martin,            Your paintings are so inspiring…I feel that I have been to these places myself.  Thank you for sending new writings, I will read them ALL. Your photos are lovely, and the writings just right to go with them.  I want to go to the artist retreat in Crawford notch this year, if they are doing it again.  I’ll look it up in my AMC magazine. I just got back from Cape Cod, a family reunion with my sister.  I painted on three days, and found the light to be so different from elsewhere.  I am happy with one of my Paintings, the others are good for learning.  Thank you so much for sharing, and reaching out,  thinking of you,                                                                                    Doreen


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