Plein Air Painting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

From Sunday, October 4 to Wednesday, October 7, I stayed at Shapleigh Bunkhouse at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Center in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. Crawford Notch is in the middle of the White Mountains. Each morning and afternoon I spent time with a few other painters outside doing plein air watercolor paintings. We painted at five different locations during the three days we spent working. Michael Vermette organized our time and provided us with helpful feedback and support while we were painting and at the end of each day. We ate our meals together in the dining room of the Highland Center and we gathered together each evening to talk about our day and our work.

Working with other artists helps me to stay focused and motivates me to take the time to do this amazing and wonderful work of painting. Being outside is what gives me the inspiration to look carefully at what surrounds me and to pay attention to the colors and compositions that I see.


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3 Responses to Plein Air Painting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

  1. Moriah L. McDonough says:

    Martin! Thank you for sharing your works! I am amazed! I know that you concentrate & labor. With so much appreciation. Linda.

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  2. Rebecca Cardile says:

    Martin, your paintings are beautiful and remind me of our time with you and Linda and Bob this summer in Maine. We have so many good memories. It must be beautiful there at this time of year too. Hope you come down to visit soon!


  3. Robert Raymond says:

    dear martin,

    What a treat….to receive this update of Martin–in the foreground of mountains painted–my friend, mountain artist really, for your image resonates with the work created. Now what do i mean. The header of the photos ….the cropped study in shades of blue green and purple has an assurance, a classical suggestion ….maybe early expressionist, maybe some Cezanne –maybe a little early vangough before all the turmoil….but comforting–a bit abstract in its simplification, capturing i think
    an aesthetic world view honed with an awareness of deep emotion expressed simply

    Thankyou—for bringing me into your studio….i look forward to connecting
    with love
    Robert Raymod


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