The Cousins’ Trip to Maine

This past week Rebecca and her four sons, Michael, Anthony, Dominic and Vincent, drove from Pennsylvania to spend four days with Bob and Linda and me here in Maine. We had many great adventures hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, swimming and sliding on the granite falls in Western Maine, walking along the rocky and sandy coast in Coastal Maine, and fishing on Cold Stream from my camp in West Gardiner.


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3 Responses to The Cousins’ Trip to Maine

  1. Vincent cardile says:

    I enjoyed everything ! Thank you for having us ! I hope we come back soon !

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  2. Rebecca Cardile says:

    Step Falls was my favorite spot! I have never seen such clear beautiful water. So much fun sliding down the stones. Also loved the van ride up Mt Washington. Incredible view! Martin, Linda, and Bob were terrific hosts and guides!

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  3. Anthony cardile says:

    Hiking to the top of Mt. Washington was a very rewarding challenge once we were able to look out over top.

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