Hamilton Audubon Sanctuary

The Hamilton Audubon Sanctuary in West Bath, Maine, is on a peninsula that lies between the New Meadows River and Back Cove. Map
The wet snow still covers the trails, but the river and bay are free of ice. Bufflehead ducks were feeding on the far side of the cove. At the base of several large pine trees I saw piles of  pine-cone pieces discarded by the squirrels over this past winter. The tide was low and I walked through areas of grassy tidal flats. The melting pieces of ice along the shoreline were carved by the tide and barely held together. The sunlight was bright orange on the bare forest floor at the base of some large pine trees. Several stones that had been elevated by the frost had sunk into the ground and left the pine needles still lifted above them.

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3 Responses to Hamilton Audubon Sanctuary

  1. Muriel says:

    Martin, I used to live near this sanctuary and often walked there. I’m glad to be reminded of what a beautiful place it is. Your photos are outstanding. It’s good to know the woods are accessible again, at least in some places.

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  2. Thank you Muriel. The woods are still a challenge in places with the snow.


  3. Mariagnes Rash says:

    Keep in touch during Rebecca’s visit. I’m anxious to see what she is doing with her boys


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