Snow Shoeing along Casco Bay

This afternoon I hiked the trails at Wolf’s Neck State Park in Freeport, Maine. The Casco Bay trail runs along the bay that is frozen across to Fying Point. The sun was shining and it was creating shadows on the tide-crunched ice along the shore and on the snow in the woods from the large pine trees. The snow has been very deep this winter and I am snow shoeing for the first time. I can usually hike with just boots and crampons, but without snowshoes I would poke down into the over four feet layers of snow from the several storms and blizzards of this past month. Another blizzard is coming through tomorrow.

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The slide show below has the uncropped pictures. Which slide show format do you prefer?

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1 Response to Snow Shoeing along Casco Bay

  1. Richard Boisvert says:

    Beautiful pictures of Wolf Neck. I have enjoyed your winter adventures vicariously. Would really like to connect for your next one. Dick

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